Social Media and the Modern Escort

It is a really different world today for escorts and sex-workers than it was just 1 year ago, and it is a universe away from 5 years ago.

Tell the escort advertising in Las Vegas in 2003 that they would not need a rolling billboard and yellow page ad to get calls and they would laugh at you.

Social media and the internet in general has brought an entire new dynamic to advertising. It has all but killed the escort agency business model. It has sent pimps to the back alleys and shooting galleries. It has allowed the rich gentleman seeking an escort an easy way to discreetly find a companion, it has allowed the blue collar guy an easy way to find a quick blow and go on his lunch break.

Social media and the internet has changed escort and sex advertising in ways we could never imagine.

Sites like, Slixa, Tryst, Adultlook, Cityguide and countless others have changed the landscape in so many ways, and there are many things to consider.

As stated in our last article on advertising post, there is a whole new batch of rules and things to consider for an escort advertising adult services today.

Twitter for example, is a relatively new source for escorts, with the ability to “tweet” just about anything without much fear of losing the account or being identified, many online escorts are turning to it to advertise sex and other services. From Adult Massage, to BDSM, there is just about everything there is to be dreamed of avail on twitter, if you know how to look.

Every escort dreams of the 40 year old CEO, good looking, clean cut, romantic and rich, looking to to spend $20k a weekend just for a companion to live a jet set lifestyle with.

Far more often than not the #flyMeToYou client is not on twitter, in fact, if you think about it… the demographic you are after more than likely is not on twitter, and would not know a tweet from a tit!

We are not saying there are none, but focusing all your efforts on twitter when seeking CEO grade clients is not going to work as well as a diverse advertising plan is.

Advertisers today must be diverse. Google is everything! Having a PROFESSIONALLY built website, linked in from MANY sources like Verified Vixens will get you the best results.

Consider this, many if not most of the clients you are after, if they ARE on twitter, are not going to be able to “follow” a courtesan or escort. They have wives, associates, and even the general public that sees them and what they are doing on social media.

Your twitter needs to have links to your advertisements on sites like, your website, your website linked to the ads on verified vixens… etc. Give them an EASY way to see more of you and more often. makes it easy to post links to your twitter, your website, even your ads on other sites… why? This gives you the best chance of being found and increases your visibility and SEO! This helps you, this helps us, it helps other providers.

Twitter today is more about escorts and advertisers following each other. retweets come from other sexworkers, it is a big circle of adult entertainers all advertising each other, TO EACH OTHER!

Branch out, get listed on as many sites as you can. STAND OUT, if there is a inexpensive option to pay to make your ad premium, do it! If you are charging $800 for a 2 hour adventure with a client, and a $19.99 a month ad gets you just ONE of those bookings a year, was the $240 you spent worth it?

That $240 more than likely brought you far more than you realize. Think about this… most clients do not book a high end escort or adult entertainer after seeing just one ad, one twitter post, etc. They are shopping. They may make several visits to your website and profile.

If you are listed on several top name sites like, the odds they will see you over and over, and eventually book are drastically higher.

It may not be any one site they first saw you on they book from, but the more times your face, pics, profile and sales pitch are in front of them, the far better chance you have.

That $240 spent annually may be the reason you get SEVERAL of those bookings, and could it of been the reason you landed that $20k a weekend CEO?

Advertising dollars are an INVESTMENT. They should always bring a positive return.

Be VERY careful being an activist or political on social media.

Lets be honest, clients are not looking for drama, they are not looking for a cause. We all know what they ARE looking for.

Recently in a Q&A several clients and hobbyists all expressed apprehension at getting involved with escorts that expressed a lot of “attitude” and passion about things online. 1 specifically cited a certain providers political views. He stated “I don’t care if she is left wing right wing or no wing, I am looking to dine and then have a sexual encounter, this girl stated she would never see a trump supporter. I am not a trump supporter, but i was worried I was gonna spend an hour at dinner listening to crazy left wing shit and trump is a racist. I am bookin her because I dont want to listen to the news anymore”

We are not saying don’t be passionate, we are not saying compromise your own morals or integrity when seeing a client, what we are suggesting is that any business is well advised to keep any and all political, religious and any other views separate from its reputation and persona. When a escort expresses strong opinions on any of those things, they essentially eliminate half the potential clients out there. Most providers are in this to make money, not influence elections…

We all as escorts know, part of what the client is looking for is for us to become a fantasy, to ready what they want without them asking for it. They want simple, and a “sure thing”, If a client is worried you are gonna beat him up over a MAGA hat, or get mad because you are vegan and he ordered a steak, odds are he is going to look for a provider that has some pics, describes herself as playful and fun and intelligent, and quickly move on.

Your social media gives them a glimpse at you as a real person, they are worried you are a robot, they are worried you are a bitch, and they they want what they want! Right or wrong you need to make decisons on what you are after, more bookings with better clients, (MONEY$$) or talking about clients all being dirtbags you would never give the time of day to, and disagreeing with the fact they are Republicans.

Keep your social media fun, flirty, sexy, engaging, and most of all void of politics!

Escort Advertising in the Post Backpage Era

For Escorts and sexworkers things are very different in today’s post and SESTA/FOSTA world. These changes and new laws are having serious effects on advertising adult services.

We at want to help educate escorts and sex work advertisers on some ways to advertise today successfully.

Here are a list of things to consider:Many of us remember, and Craigslist. Those were really the only places a SW’s needed advertise. A simple $5 ad on Craiglsist could make an advertisers phone ring for days. A single ad on could fill a schedule for weeks.

Then Eros got big, it became as good if not better than quickly, most often attracting the most quality clients.

Then it all started to change… CL took down the Adult services section. was raided and shuttered.

Backpage became king. Do you remember paying just .25 cents to post an ad for a week on BP, then just days after CL closed it was $3? then more??backpage grew fast… aided by the media, reporting on the attempts to shut them down, actually grew them in popularity,

But the only place a escort needed to post an ad was backpage… if another site popped up, the rule of thumb was simple… if no other SW’s are posting there… don’t bother… its not worth it.

This way of thinking NO LONGER APPLIES.

Since the demise of, there are literally dozens of sites popping up all jockeying to be the next backpage. The truth is… it will never happen. Some will have more success than others, some will fold, some will remain… but the new reality is there will now be dozens of places to advertise.

So when you find a new site, and there is just a few ads you figure are fake there… should you ignore it and move on?

NO! advertising today is a different animal. A sexworker needs to have as many ads up in as many places as possible… and most importantly, needs to think and act like a client.

We here in the industry knew an hour after backpage closed… we were searching for alternatives immediately. There are clients out there that look for an escort maybe 1 time a year on vacation! Or the guy that found his regular SW’r on backpage 2 years ago… and now is looking for a new one… they are searching for “backpage alternative” or “backpage replacement” (according to google analytics those are the TOP search terms related to sex work and backpage since April 2018) You need to be on the sites that come up in those results, EVEN IF THERE IS NO ONE ELSE SMART ENOUGH TO POST AN AD THERE!!! The clients are searching using those terms… and they are browsing the links they find… and they are not finding you! Why is that? You are not thinking like a client… you found bedpage… saw there was a ton of ads… and figured that if everyone else is posting there… I should as well. Bedpage used a bot to crawl backpage in the weeks before it closed, and copy/pasted the majority of ads it found to bedpage… MANY advertisers report getting calls and finding their ads posted on bedpage… and they did not create an account or post.

Sites like bedpage WERE having some success… they had a LOT of posts, and word got around to advertisers fast… BUT THE CLIENTS DIDN’T GET THE WORD! Yes, dedicated mongers that search for escorts daily know… and the guys that spend time on the boards and in forums know.. but the MAJORITY of clients are the guys that MIGHT call one or 2 times a year… they have never heard of or the otherboards… they are doing something simple… typing in backpage… finding its gone… then going to google, and typing “backpage alternative”.

Bedpage, ebackpage, ibackpage, yesbackpage… they all have a similar problem, they attract the WORST customers. The calls and texts looking for a $50 blow and go all come from sites like them

verified vixens has been growing strong since its launch in March 2019. What a majority of its advertisers say they love is great customer service from actual sexworkers. Verified Vixens is based in the Netherlands free from FOSTA and SESTA regulation. Thes owners are actual SW’s who know the industry, and work as advocates for others in the industry.

Another factor that advertisers love, they are trustworthy. MANY reports claim that bedpage, aka ebackpage, aka, ibackpage, aka, onebackpage, aka icracker…. have given access to accounts to law enforcement resulting in several arrests. Escorts in NY, TX, and Co all report the same thing, when they were arrested, LE had access to their ad account, showing IP’s they posted from (leading one agency to the actual incall location they also posted ads from) payment methods and more.

The people running those sites also run a IRS tax scam, fake direct TV scam, and are linked to ACTUAL severe human trafficking case in India..

YOU NEED TO BE ADVERTISING A LOT AND OFTEN!!! Those days of 1 ad producing tons of results are OVER… unless backpage returns… you need to be posting a LOT… it is the new world we live in!! On MANY sites! Verified Vixens is a top result and is working hard to bring the traffic that will give our advertisers real results we find our advertisers also trust skip the games, adultlook, cityguidex, and slixa. You need to be on ALL of them and posting a LOT!!

Advertising after backpage is not as easy as it once was… it takes work… it takes INVESTING in yourself. We at Verified Vixens are here to help however we can.

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